An Incentivised Key Resource, or IKR represents a foundational resource required for the secure operation of a blockchain. The IKRs fulfil roles that receive a reward for their provisioning. IKRs come in various shapes and sizes and fulfil different roles dependent on the nature of the blockchain in question.


Cent is a dApp-based application layer, orchestration platform and accounting system – it seamlessly bridges blockchains, infrastructure  providers and exchanges to deliver a simple, one touch process to deploying an IKR and receiving the respective payments the IKR generates.

Here’s a selection of
our current IKRs available


Skyminers act as decentralised nodes for the private routing of network traffic as a layer on top of the current Internet, and in the future, as an independent network through its own mesh-network topology. Skyminers earn coin hours for the availability of service which will be converted into Skycoin. During their testnet phases, the rewards are paid directly in Skycoin.


Bulwark is a privacy-centric blockchain project that offers censorship resistant transactions that are completely unknown to anybody but the sending and receiving parties - Masternodes are operational to facilitate the cryptography necessary for these secured transactions as well as quickly validating instantaneous transactions.


Livepeer is a decentralised network operating on the Ethereum platform where end-users are rewarded for the provisioning of network bandwidth and compute power for the transcoding of live and pre-recorded content. Content producers opt to use Livepeer over traditional streaming services where network bandwidth and computing power often come at a premium.

key resources

Incentivised Key Resources can be present in the form of computing power, masternodes, staking wallets or any other necessary performance tool that helps blockchains run effectively. For Bitcoin, a key resource needed is computing power. In Storj’s case, this is storage capacity. Additional examples of blockchains and their associated key resource are listed below. These are just a selection of the blockchains supported by Cent.

Becoming an
Infrastructure Provisioner

Infrastructure Provisioners form the backbone of our offering. IPs are rewarded for making available to compute, storage and network capacity to serve our IKRs and we provide a dependable income that fairly compensates you for this.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming an Infrastructure Provisioner within the Cent network, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted in due course:


How Cent

In its simplest form, Cent transparently manages the creation of an IKR for you and oversees its performance through its community of Infrastructure Provisioners, the rewards received for the work completed on your behalf are then processed and distributed through smart contracts.

The control layer ensures your funds are secured, giving you complete control over how they are put to work.

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