Put your crypto-assets to WORK

Banks reward you with interest for the privilege of putting your funds to work for them, why should Crypto-assets be any different?


Crypto-assets are converted into key resources
for blockchains, called IKRs.


Blockchains consume IKRs
and pay rewards.


You invest in IKRs and
earn rewards/interest


How does it work

  1. You deposit BTC, ETH or USD
  2. You select from a choice of available options, which blockchains to dedicate resources to and begin earning from whilst your funds are deployed in IKRs
  3. Your transactions are automated and controlled by smart contract to ensure fairness and transparency to both of you and the Infrastructure Provisioner who is responsible for your IKR(s)
  4. You get access to transparent, real-time reporting and can withdraw your profits as Cent tokens at regular intervals

How cent can help you


Earn income from your cryptocurrency or Fiat

Cent generates an income from your digital or fiat assets. Limited technical knowledge or ongoing effort is required on your part. Cent’s new financial instrument handles all complicated parts of deploying our IKRs, so you can simply focus on selecting which blockchains to invest into.

Your assets
remain liquid

With lesser popular exchanges / lesser liquid tokens, it can sometimes be difficult to sell them on without impacting the market price, or it could otherwise take some time for sufficient volume to allow you to sell the quantity you have for the price you want - we take this frustration away and guarantee you a value which is programmatically pegged to the current spot rate, and convert this to Cent tokens.

We provide
the hardware

We take the hassle out of complex technical infrastructure management, the need for keeping your mining hardware on 24/7, the electricity, cooling and high-performance network requirements - all you have to do is decide which blockchain(s) are right for you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Earn above
market returns

Whilst the ROI rates will vary based on various outside factors including DLT network demand, the number of other users also participating and the availability of ‘work’ to be carried out, the blockchains made available within IKRs have been carefully vetted based on their economic model and long-term viability that would outperform traditional investment vehicles such as a savings account.*

Benefit from price growth,
don’t sacrifice it

Whilst the payment you receive is in Cent tokens, your payment is calculated from the spot price of the underlying asset at the point of payment - you therefore benefit from the price appreciation even if you’re not receiving the token directly. No more choosing between mining or holding.

Engage with the community
and earn tokens

Blockchain projects owe much of their success to the support and encouragement they receive from the community. That’s why we have exciting plans for the future to ensure our loyal supporters have opportunities to contribute and be rewarded for as part of various initiatives.

No win
no fee

No fees are payable unless your IKR is earning for you. Your fees are determined as a percentage of the rewards you receive, alongside a share of the growth if your asset appreciates in value - in the event of less favourable market conditions, you pay us less.

Beat crypto market
downward trends

As you’ll have seen, the Crypto asset marketplace is subject to volatility, and throughout the market cycles you may find your assets are worth more, or less, than you purchased them for. With Cent’s reward model, you are creating additional tokens (which is why we call this Interest), as part of the WORK carried out by Cent as your IKR provider for you, so you would receive more than if your tokens were simply idle in a wallet.* As part of our long-term roadmap, a futures-based hedging products will be created to give assurances to the long-term value by fixing the rate in which you will ultimately sell your tokens for in advance.

*we cannot guarantee the equivalent fiat value will be above that in which you invested, the interest aspect is always calculated on the base asset.

For infrastructure

Cent is a platform that makes it easy to earn a reliable income for the use of your infrastructure, with a unique model that ensures it is always working for you.

You stake Cent tokens and this earns you the right to perform available ‘work’ on the network in proportion to your stake

Your ‘work’ you perform on behalf of the network is rewarded

Your rewards are fairly and transparently earned and paid out

Your loyalty and positive performance also enhance your access to further work

We’ll take the headache out of the setting up of blockchain-specific infrastructure through the use of automated software builds and deployment, meaning you only need to worry about keeping your hardware infrastructure online and available.


Interested in becoming an Infrastructure Provisioner and putting your hardware to work?


• Crypto assets do not earn interest for owners unlike traditional fiat bank accounts
• More assets are transitioning to cryptocurrencies and related token models

• The interest in Cryptocurrencies and related assets is increasing but most assets are non-yielding

• Assets are not being maximised for their potential value



We dramatically increase scaleability and reliability as a software only platform. There is also no electricity cost risk or nation state mining licensing risk present in the Cent business model as it is purely cloud based.


Cent’s IKRs are a new type of financial instrument, making income focused digital asset investing possible. As a digital ‘wrapper’ around resource provisioning on the blockchain, IKR investing marks a new way for investors to access the cryptocurrency markets.


Cent has no hardware based constraints since we don’t focus on Proof of Work blockchains, which thus enables a broad base of cryptocurrency assets to be invested in, with reduced supply chain or centralisation risk


Cent’s technical architecture and organization are on a path to decentralization, eliminating points of failure in its model.


Cent operates as a critical piece of infrastructure for apps and dapps, as a layer in the development stack aiding crypto resource growth.


We are producing support materials to ensure you are fully informed in your decisions to provision IKRs and you can discuss and share information with fellow community members



Our platform is on a path towards full decentralisation, meaning you control your private keys and funds even whilst you take advantage of Cent’s IKR technology. Make your cashflow go much farther, and benefit from both crypto capital appreciation and income generation. We accept both fiat and crypto assets.


Miners can divert funds into Cent away from unprofitable and expensive proof of work mining. Cent takes care of all technical management, as well as securing funds, and aggregates funds making it easier to mine with smaller amounts of capital. Best of all, miners can mine as well as benefit from increases in the prices of the asset used to mine, instead of mining equipment which typically depreciates in value.


Individuals can participate and earn with Cent whilst supporting crypto economy growth and adoption, even if they can’t contribute the required minimums for the selected blockchain - our platform will allow you to participate on a shared basis, whilst simplifying access and managing security for all users involved.



The Cent platform supports three unique parties participating in our ecosystem.

  • Blockchain Projects benefit from the additional security or resource provided to them by our platform and in turn, provide a reward for this.
  • Infrastructure Provisioners provide various types of resource to a blockchain on behalf of our customers, they receive an ongoing fee for the usage of their infrastructure.
  • Customers funds are used to either rent or buy capacity to provide resource to a blockchain, in turn, they receive a proportion of the rewards received by the blockchain, as well as benefiting from any asset appreciation


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